How to Get Started


  • ​Your company can choose a tiered package encompassing your unique business goals.


  • You can hire A Small Business Marketing Solution on an hourly basis, choose the hours that fit your specific company needs. 

  •  An informational meeting will identify what your goals are and we will advise the best process for your company.

  • Whatever your need, it is unique as your strategy should be.  We will begin with the basics, a questionnaire will be completed and then we will have an informational meeting.

Who We Are


​My name is Heather Arrascue and I have experience in all aspects of marketing including social media, graphic design, branding, advertising, public relations, writing copy, creating literature, logos, websites, presentations and signs, case studies, publications, website content creation, sales training and written materials,  increasing sales by identifying buyers and creating unique ways to reach them, determining ROI and so much more.  My diverse marketing experience includes public and private sectors, as well as non-profit and small business.   I have the creative flair and the business aptitude enabling me to offer comprehensive strategic marketing solutions. 

Starting this company just made sense, there are so many small businesses that need a logo, web site, brochure, the basics but cannot afford the rates out there for small business solutions.   Some companies have all the bells and whistles but marketing success remains a problem,  the information needs to be reviewed and a new strategy implemented.  Other companies need direction with social media or help to identify who is buying their product and how to get it in front of them.  Some just need someone to get it done for them

Whatever the need, A Small Business Marketing Solution is the solution. Call us today at 508.404.4145